In Cookie Invaders, you can find Modules for your spaceship. You have to decide which Module you want to keep, as you can only install one at once. To install a Module, just collect it with your spaceship.


Modules have two different attributes which are randomly defined and can be used in addition to the skill system. You have to evaluate the pros and cons of each Module. Some of them can power up your spaceship enormously, but some can be disadvantageous and even destroy your ship! There is always the possibility to get rid of an installed Module. You can destroy a module and use it specifically to unleash a massive area damage which even destroys enemy projectiles.

Some Modules even grant you entirely new abilities or modificate existing ones:

Split Shot
Sun Orb
Visual Appearance:

The visual appearance of Modules give hints to what effects they contain. The icon stands for the positive modifier whereas the frame stands for the negative modifiers:

Positive: Melee Effect

Negative: Projectile Effect

Positive: Item Effect

Negative: Energy Effect

Positive: Projectile Effect

Negative: Item Effect

Positive: Energy Shield Effect

Negative: Melee Effect