If you survive the journey to a certain level, a mysterious portal will appear – an entrance to the Eternal Realm. The Eternal Realm is the endgame system of Cookie Invaders. You can travel deeper and deeper into the realm and face an increasing level of difficulty. The endgame consists of waves including enemies and bosses. For each wave, you can see different modifiers in advance. You can choose the waves you want to play and create a path to one of the farest points of the realm, the outer stars. If you pass one of these special waves, there will be an entrance to the next realm…

The modifiers for each wave define random stats for enemy damage, attack speed and movement speed, enemy life and life regeneration, enemy spawn rate, player experience and the duration of the wave.

For each level up, you receive 1 Conversion Point. You can use Conversion Points to change your build.

Enemy Life

Enemy Life Regeneration

Enemy Damage

Enemy Spawn Rate

Enemy Attack Speed


Enemy Movement Speed

Wave duration